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INSIGHTS / Press Releases

Inflectra Partners with Planit in Key Global Alliance

 9 Apr 2024 
Hopes High for AI-Augmented Testing, But Challenges Remain Hopes High for AI-Augmented Testing, But Challenges Remain
Hopes High for AI-Augmented Testing, But Challenges Remain
INSIGHTS / Press Releases

Inflectra Partners with Planit in Key Global Alliance

 9 Apr 2024 

April, 2024 Washington DC: Inflectra, recognized as a market leader in Software Development Lifecycle Management solutions, cemented a global strategic partnership with Planit – an Australian head quartered global quality engineering and testing company, with operations across Australia, New Zealand, UK, India and the Philippines. With over 2,000 consultants at the forefront of quality engineering and assurance, Planit provides businesses with the vision, precision, and independence they need to help businesses improve the quality of their software. Through this strategic partnership, Inflectra and Planit seek to help customers enhance efficiency, enable resilience, and ultimately achieve continuous quality.

About the Partnership

This partnership builds on a foundation of successful collaborations between Inflectra and Planit, including a notable project that seamlessly integrated Spira into the system of an AI-driven Australian Healthcare company. Leveraging Inflectra's cutting-edge technology and Planit's two decades of experience in quality engineering, this strategic alliance promises to deliver unparalleled value to customers, facilitating the delivery of critical technology products with utmost quality and minimized risk.

Adam Sandman, CEO and Founder of Inflectra, reflects on the evolving landscape of software quality assurance, noting the diversification of the field beyond IT specialists to include professionals from various non-IT disciplines. "This partnership marks a pivotal moment in our mission to foster the adoption of Inflectra systems, empowering our customers to successfully deliver their most critical software that helps run the world," Sandman stated.

Planit echoed this sentiment, recognizing the synergy between Inflectra's established customer base in Europe and Planit's expansion in the UK. “Inflectra is an obvious choice for highly regulated industries such as Government & Defence, Healthcare, Finance, and Manufacturing looking to have test management, full traceability, more flexibility in licensing, integration, and data process models”- Luke Clark, Global Partner Manager at Planit.

Together, Inflectra and Planit are set to redefine excellence in software development and quality assurance, ensuring that customers can achieve their goals with confidence and precision.

About Inflectra

Inflectra offers intuitive turnkey enterprise solutions to manage quality of the entire software lifecycle. The industry-leading Spira™ platform for application test management, test automation, and lifecycle management helps customers streamline collaboration between developers, testers, and managers to mitigate risks, prioritize effort, launch products faster, and reduce ongoing maintenance associated with upgrades and continuous agile deployment. Adding Rapise provides fast and easy codeless test automation for web, mobile, desktop, and APIs. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Washinton, DC, Inflectra has offices in more than ten countries, along with a vast global partner network that covers more than 5,000 customers worldwide and 80,000 concurrent users on any given day, driving software and hardware quality. Please visit to learn more.

About Planit (an NRI company)

At Planit, we provide businesses with the vision, precision and independence they need to improve the quality of their software and the way they deliver it. For over two decades, leading companies around the world have depended on Planit to optimise their applications to provide a smooth, speedy, and seamless experience for all users.

More than this, we help them transform their delivery, adopting modern tooling and practices that enhance efficiency, enable resilience, assure security and drive continuous quality. Our 2,000+ specialist consultants are at the forefront of quality assurance and engineering. They come backed by a hub of shared knowledge, test assets, accelerators, and our guarantee of testing efficiencies.

Being ISO 27001 Certified, with Planit you can be confident that you are securely engaging the right people with the right skills to achieve the right outcomes, whether delivering locally or remotely.

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