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Scrum Master Salary Report 2017: More Opportunities, Higher Wages

 11 Sep 2017 
INSIGHTS / Articles

Scrum Master Salary Report 2017: More Opportunities, Higher Wages

 11 Sep 2017 

The Scrum Master Salary Report 2017 has found that Australia is one of the highest earning nations for Scrum Masters, with most earning annual salaries between US$100,000 and $125,000. This puts it on part with Scrum Master wages in the United States.

The report was put together to provide aspiring Scrum Masters with an idea of how to plan a promising career in this growing profession. By polling how much Scrum Masters are earning all over the world, the research was able to highlight the markets where Agile and Scrum knowledge is in high demand.

The first assumption is that these salaries are from Scrum Masters in Sydney, where the cost of living is considered to be high. However, respondents were polled from across Australia and the salary range was not tied to a single location.

Another key discovery was that the wage gap between male and female Scrum Masters is almost non-existent globally. Although 30 per cent of the role is occupied by women, this number is comparable to women in leadership roles in the US, and presents an opportunity for more women to get into the field.

Interestingly, a female Scrum Master is twice as likely than a male one to come from a business background instead of a technical one. As this position is suitably and often filled by those with business or project management experience, women with business backgrounds would not only be considered an asset for the Scrum Master role, but are also more numerous than those with a tech background.

Certification as a necessary first step

In order to become a successful Scrum Master, Agile certification is required to enter the field. Without some form of certification, the report found that getting onto the career path is close to impossible.

Once someone becomes a certified Scrum Master, experience and location will ultimately decide the wage level. Whilst most respondents did not start their professional careers as Scrum Masters, they tended to already have tech or project management experience.

Having some form of previous experience was found to be key to success, with many respondents highlighting training and experience in project management before becoming Scrum Masters. Former project managers made up the largest share (40%) of respondents, indicating that project managers from various industries are able to transfer their skills to this important role in facilitating projects in the growing technology sector.

All in all, the Scrum Master Salary Report 2017 confirms that Scrum Masters are typically high-income earners in Australia, regardless of location. Since Scrum certification tends to be viewed equally worldwide, a Scrum Master position in Australia would be attractive from the standpoint of remuneration.

Planit’s global offices include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, so there are plenty of opportunities for skilled Scrum Masters looking to make the move to Australia. Keep an eye on our career section to find the right opportunity for you at Planit.

For those who have yet to start their Agile or Scrum journey, or are looking to skill-up, you can get on the right path with courses such as iSQI Certified Agile Essentials and Certified Agile Tester, and achieve recognition as a true Scrum Master with the iSQI Scrum Master Pro Certification.

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