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INSIGHTS / Employee Stories

Life at Planit: Julie Ann’s Big Break in Testing

 25 Oct 2019 
Life at Planit: Julie Ann’s Big Break in Testing Life at Planit: Julie Ann’s Big Break in Testing
Life at Planit: Julie Ann’s Big Break in Testing
INSIGHTS / Employee Stories

Life at Planit: Julie Ann’s Big Break in Testing

 25 Oct 2019 

Julie Ann“I love the cultural diversit at Planit and how people are very respectful of everyone’s beliefs. I also like how the company’s management genuinely values and listens to what we have to say.”

Julie Ann, Engineer, Planit

Julie Ann started her career in the financial services. That’s where she spent the next two decades, focusing mainly on Superannuation.

For a while, Julie Ann ran a quality control team whose main function was checking calculations and data. This was her first exposure to testing, and she was often asked to assist with testing the systems they used.

“This inspired me to become more involved with testing, so my first step was to obtain the ISTQB Foundation Certificate,” Julie Ann says.

Doing the certificate was also an opportunity for Julie Ann to see whether testing was something she wanted to explore further.

“As it turned out, my natural curiosity and inquisitiveness are good traits to have when it comes to trying to break software,” she says.

The Foundation certification piqued Julie Ann’s interest in a testing career. After moving from South Africa to Australia, she began looking for entry-level testing roles and found an ad for a Planit testing bootcamp in Perth.

“I immediately jumped at the opportunity,” Julie Ann says. Here was a chance to receive professional testing training from industry experts.”

After a gruelling but educational week of training, Julie Ann passed the bootcamp and joined the Perth team, where she is now an Engineer.

“Everybody at Planit loves what they are doing, and their energy and enthusiasm is infectious,” she says. “There is always someone willing to assist you or a teammate when required.”

The opportunity to learn more about testing also didn’t end with the bootcamp. As a Planit employee, Julie Ann now has free and unlimited access to the company’s industry-leading courses.

“The encouragement from management to continuously keep growing and obtain new training certifications really demonstrates Planit’s commitment to its staff,” Julie Ann says.

Graduating from the bootcamp was a significant milestone for Julie Ann. However, it was the day after that turned out to be more memorable.

“I was at the company’s EOFY party and I was presented with a Supernova award,” Julie Ann says. “Having just started a new career in testing, it was an honour to be recognised with the award.”

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