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NZ Tech Day 2016 Presentations

 5 Aug 2016 
INSIGHTS / Articles

NZ Tech Day 2016 Presentations

 5 Aug 2016 

At 'NZ Tech Day 2016', we provided key insights into the latest trends in testing, with presentations from the leading technical experts across our global network of offices. Their presentations are included below.

BDDP: Behaviour Driven Development for Performance

Non-functional requirements are often misunderstood, overly technical or missing altogether. This results in systems that are not designed for performance, and performance tests with no real alignment to the business. Behaviour Driven Development has helped teams to document requirements in fast-paced Agile environments. Clearly defined requirements early in the project are the starting point that allows test automation to be included in a Continuous Integration (CI) environment.

BDDP encourages a simplified approach to documenting requirements from an end user perspective with common sense terminology and is the first step on the journey to integrating performance testing into a CI workflow.

Find out more about our Performance Testing Services.

Automation: Waterfall to BDD

The world of software testing is always evolving. With a significant push toward technical testing and Agile, how do we know that we’re getting it right? Having now been around for over 20 years in one form or another, test automation is no longer a ‘nice to have’... The new challenge for automation is ensuring that we’re not championing the practices of 20 years ago.

In this presentation, Principal Technical Consultant, Michael Pollino takes you through how to transition your legacy automation methodology to the new world of BDD and Agile.

Find out more about our Test Automation Services.

Service Virtualisation and the DevOps Toolchain

DevOps has been a development centric activity. At Planit, we want to help bring in quality assurance as part of the DevOps approach.

As a key link in the DevOps Toolchain, this presentation provides an overview of what service virtualisation is, its place in the SDLC and Planit's approach to SV as a ‘shift-left’ enabler. We also explore data-driven service virtualisation and how this fits into test automation and data orchestration.

An example set of complimentary tools is provided to complete your DevOps Toolchain, including automation and performance solutions.

Find out more about our DevOps Solutions and Service Virtualisation Solutions.

Things Behaving Badly, Security Implied

From stand-alone systems to the cloud, “security” is expected to be everywhere. It is the implied requirement, almost never explicitly specified. Just hire a pen-tester before your go-live, and check that box? As with everything, the approach defines if and how you reach your goal.

In this presentation, Security Consultant, Ferdinand Hagethorn walks you through current approaches, the risks involved, and how to improve.

Find out more about our Security Testing Services.

The Increasing Role of Testing in the Internet of Things

As each of us realise the benefits of the Internet of Things in our daily lives, how will we ensure that each component of our "bionic world" functions as expected? From fitness trackers and dash buttons to bionic enhancements, join us on a journey of exploration as we consider the impact of not only the current generation of smart interconnected devices, but also future possibilities - or perhaps inevitabilities - of them. Most importantly, you'll learn how to exploit this technology to your business advantage.

This presentation discusses how testing and quality assurance will take on a much greater role as we entrust more and more of our day-to-day lives to artificial intelligence and try to stop the Internet of Things from becoming Skynet.

Find out more about our Digital Testing Services.

Cloudy with a Chance of Performance

The speed of your web application is more important now than ever. It is therefore surprising that the most recent Planit Testing Index reports that only 24 percent of organisations conduct performance testing as a key part of their development lifecycle. It is not surprising that cost has been cited as the biggest barrier to more frequent performance testing.

This presentation discusses how the cloud is changing performance testing and lowering barriers to help manage the speed of your applications.

Find out more about our Performance Testing Solutions.

Deliver Quality Quicker

At Planit, we give our clients a competitive edge by providing them with the right advice, expert skills, and technical solutions they need to assure success for their key projects. As your independent quality partner, you gain a fresh set of eyes, an honest account of your systems and processes, and expert solutions and recommendations for your challenges.
Find out how we can help you get the most out of your digital platforms and core business systems to deliver quality quicker.


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