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Top Digital UX Statistics and Trends for 2019

 1 Aug 2019 
INSIGHTS / Articles

Top Digital UX Statistics and Trends for 2019

 1 Aug 2019 

A good user experience can mean the difference in a user regularly using your site or app, or moving on to the competition.

Consider how 75% of people base a company’s credibility by how their website looks, feels, and responds. That means you could lose up to a quarter of customers just because of your website.

When users are on a site, 86% of them want clear and immediate information about products and services. The content needs to be up-to-date, otherwise 94% of users won’t trust you and will look for a more trustworthy alternative.

You have around 10 seconds to impress a user before they leave. A visually pleasing design will appeal to 59% of visitors, while 94% want easy navigation.

Speed is a everything. 39% of users will leave the website due to slow or non-loading images, while 53% users will leave a mobile site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds.

2/3 of time spent online is now on mobile devices, while 50% of ecommerce revenue is from mobile. If a site isn’t optimised for mobile, users are five times more likely to abandon it.

In many cases, this is a permanent outcome. 88% will be less likely to return to the site, while more than half (62%) will be unlikely to purchase from that brand in the future.

Fast tracked to deletion

A typical mobile user has more than 80 apps installed on their device. Out of these, they use 9 to 10 apps daily and 30 apps a month.

However, 25% of apps are used only once in the first 6 months of ownership. In the first 30 days alone, this number grows to 57%.

Although the overall app industry is booming in terms of revenue, the reality is that most apps don’t do well. This can often be attributed to app’s lack of utility, with 29% of users immediately abandoning an app if they don’t find it valuable.

In many other cases, it is due to a flawed user experience. Common reasons for abandoning an app include large file size (17%), data consumption (17%), poor performance and defects (13%), and in-app ads (13%).

Stand out from the rest

The common theme is that a well-conceived, seamless user experience is not only important to the majority of users (83%), it also has the potential to raise customer conversion rates by up to 400%.

The user experience offered by websites and apps is now significantly better than it was five years ago, but this has also raised users’ expectations. This means more effort is required to differentiate, match or even surpass the experience offered by the competition.

Find out how we can help you stand out by providing a smooth, speedy, safe, and seamless user experience.

Rise Above the Rest

A growing number of mobile apps are often abandoned after the first interaction. We offer testing expertise through every stage of your development process to make sure you deliver an app that stands out and meets the expectations of today’s customers.
Find out how we can help you deliver an attention-grabbing experience by testing your app’s functionality, compatibility, usability, accessibility, performance, and security.


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