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INSIGHTS / Employee Stories

Life at Planit: Bryan’s Jump into Pure Testing

 24 May 2018 
INSIGHTS / Employee Stories

Life at Planit: Bryan’s Jump into Pure Testing

 24 May 2018 

Bryan Tan“Since joining Planit, I have not only had the best opportunity to grow in my career, but also the chance to travel and work with various clients in different industries. Then there’s all of the valuable contacts, colleagues and lifelong friendships I’ve made.”
Bryan Tan, Senior Test Consultant, Planit

Rather than actively searching for a career in testing, Bryan Tan says he came into his very first testing role by chance. He was working for a financial institution providing support to their financial planners when he was one day asked to help validate some new functions of a software package which was undergoing an upgrade.

“Over time, the support role required more and more testing, which is when I formally became a part of the test team,” Bryan says. He still remembers how the test team and their function for the financial institution was largely immature and still gaining its footing as a well-organised, value-adding team.

The more industry best practices the team sought to implement in the organisation, the more Bryan learned about the career opportunities in testing. He was also introduced to the value testing brings to an organisation.

“This began my greater appreciation and attraction towards this field of IT,” Bryan says. “I’m also a bit of a perfectionist, so I was naturally curious in finding faults and imperfections in software.”

Bryan Tan

Bryan first heard about Planit in his previous role as a test lead at a financial institution. Various testing consultancies were engaged to boost the organisation’s delivery and testing capabilities, and one of these consultancies happened to be Planit.

“Through working with the Planit consultants, I quickly saw that Planit were market leaders in the world of testing,” Bryan says.

Coupled with his drive to progress in a career of testing, joining a company dedicated and specialised in testing seemed like the right thing to do. In 2011, that's what he did and became a part of Planit's Sydney team before joining the Wellington office for four years and then relocating to the Perth office

“Since joining Planit, I have not only had the best opportunity to grow in my career, but also the chance to travel and work with various clients in different industries,” Bryan says. “Then there’s all of the valuable contacts, colleagues and lifelong friendships I’ve made.”

Bryan Tan

Now a Senior Test Consultant, Bryan has come to realise that change is inevitable in his role. “One of the things in life that I truly believe remains consistent is that change will always occur, and the world of testing is not exempt from this rule.” he says.

The rapid pace of change in IT has become a key motivator for Bryan to continually upskill and achieve further certifications. Fortunately, being a part of Planit means he is able to take advantage of the company’s comprehensive and industry-leading training program to keep on top of developments and trends.

“Planit consultants such as myself are constantly working at various sites with different people, technologies, processes and requirements,” Bryan says. “As you can imagine, a positive attitude towards change is a must for a consultant.”

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