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Industry Stats: Project Outcomes based on Primary Methodologies 2013

 16 Jan 2014 
INSIGHTS / Reports

Industry Stats: Project Outcomes based on Primary Methodologies 2013

 16 Jan 2014 

Project results saw a marked improvement in 2013, with gains being registered by Planit Indexrespondents across the main methodologies.

As conducted last year, we again analysed respondents’ project outcomes together with their primary project methodologies to provide a view of relative success of these main methodologies.

Projects utilising Agile significantly improved their performance over the past year, more than half being completed on-time, budget and scope, up over 40 percent from 2012. Agile also reported the least over-time and budget projects (16 percent), down 11 percent, but did show the most project cancellations (4 percent).

Planit Testing Index 2013: Agile Project Outcomes


 On time, budget scope  Significant changes  Over time, budget  Postponed  Cancelled 

When examining outcomes against primary project methodology, V-Model again registered the most successfully (55 percent on time, budget and scope).

Planit Testing Index 2013: V-Model Project Outcomes


Waterfall performed the most poorly (49 percent on time, budget and scope), and was most likely to complete over time and budget (23 percent).

Planit Testing Index 2013: Waterfall Project Outcomes


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