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ISTQB Foundation Agile Tester Extension FAQ

 20 Aug 2014 
INSIGHTS / Articles

ISTQB Foundation Agile Tester Extension FAQ

 20 Aug 2014 

On Thursday 7th of August 2014 we conducted a webinar in which we provided details of the newly launched ISTQB Foundation Agile Tester Extension course and examination. We used some of the questions we were asked during the webinar to build a list of  Frequently Asked Questions about this course.

We’ve also included a recording of the webinar below, and have made the presentation slides available for download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many days is the Planit course?




A: Two days.

Q: Is Planit’s course accredited by the ISTQB?




A: Yes! We’re pleased to be among the first training providers worldwide to have our ISTQB Foundation Agile Tester Extension course internationally accredited, effective 11 August 2014.

Q: What can I expect to learn on this course?




A: The course has been built to cover all of the information included in the ISTQB Foundation Agile Tester Extension Syllabus. Additionally, the course involves in-depth group discussions and practical exercises, including a detailed exercise at the end of day two demonstrating how testing is conducted in an Agile environment. For more info, check out the course page.

Q: Does the course cover the variants/variations of test documentation (e.g. Test Strategy , TSR etc.)?




A: Yes, this is discussed in detail and reviewed in the practicals.

Q: Is there a copy of the detailed Syllabus available including specific names of tools and techniques the course will cover?




A: Yes, the Syllabus can be downloaded from the ISTQB website.

Q: The course is not currently scheduled in my city. When will you be coming here?




A: We will be scheduling the ISTQB Foundation Agile Tester Extension course for Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Wellington, Auckland and London. In fact, many of these cities already have scheduled dates, commencing September 2014. If your city isn’t currently scheduled, please Contact Us as we can schedule a course earlier based on demand.

Similarly, if you’re located in a city not listed above, such as Hobart, Darwin or Christchurch, we can certainly come to you if we can generate sufficient demand for a publicly scheduled course, or if you would like to book in-house training for your team. So let us know!

Q: Is this course available online?




A: This course is not yet available online, but we will be working on an online solution starting October this year

Q: Are discounts available if my whole team was to attend?




A: Yes, our training account managers are happy to provide discounts for group bookings. I suggest you call our team on 1300 993 957 to discuss.

Q: Does this course require work experience?




A: Testing experience is certainly beneficial for this course, however the only requirement is that you have passed ISTQB Foundation Certificate examination.

Q: Do we sit the exam on the final day of the course?




A: Not for this course. Similar to our ISTQB Advanced courses, we have designed this course in such a way that you get two full days of training to provide you with a solid understanding of the course materials. After completing the course, you can then book your exam, sitting it at a time when you feel fully prepared.

Q: When can I sit the exam?




A: The ANZTB is running the first exam on Tuesday 19th August and will continue to run them monthly. View the ANZTB Exam schedule.

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