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ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst: What's Changed in the 2012 Syllabus

 4 Apr 2013 
INSIGHTS / Articles

ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst: What's Changed in the 2012 Syllabus

 4 Apr 2013 

The recent ISTQB Advanced Syllabus updates have significantly impacted the Advanced Technical Test Analyst course, making the course far more accessible. The new 3 day format is sure to be popular, as participants need less time out of the office and can gain this quality certification for a reduced price.

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Course Duration
Course Price
Exam Duration Exam Questions Exam Price
3 days
5 days
$1,900 + GST
120 minutes
180 minutes
45 Questions
65 Questions
$350 + GST
Major Changes in Syllabus Update 
  • A significant refocus on the technical aspects of testing has been completed. As a result it is now expected that candidates must be able to read and understand pseudo-code.
  • The basic aspects of testing and the testing process are now covered in other syllabi.
  • The test management chapter is relatively short and covers only the specific issues relating to the Technical Test Analyst.
  • Dramatic reduction in the overall duration of the course and shortening of the certification examination
New Syllabus Course Content 

ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst - Course Contents

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A brief summary of the Advanced Syllabus Updates is included in the table below. Further information is available via the course links or by downloading the ISTQB Advanced Syllabus Info Evening presentation slides.

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Course Changes
Days  Price Exam  More Info
Schedule  Enquire
Advanced Test Manager       Schedule  Enquire
Advanced Technical Test Analyst Schedule  Enquire

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