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HP ALM 2011 - Maximise Your Utilisation of the HP suite

 29 Mar 2011 
INSIGHTS / Articles

HP ALM 2011 - Maximise Your Utilisation of the HP suite

 29 Mar 2011 

In March 2011, HP and Planit presented the HP ALM ’11 Forum in both Sydney and Melbourne, drawing an audience of senior testers looking to …

  • Migrate from another testing platform
  • Update their HP suite to the current version
  • Better utilise their newly acquired HP ALM ’11 suite

ALM 11 builds on the strengths of previous versions and includes substantial new benefits, including …

  • Improved Integration
  • Simplified Exploratory Testing
  • Save Test Feature
  • Flexible Methodology Supports
  • and many more tips for better utilising the HP suite …

The videos below provide an overview of some of the key updates to the HP ALM 11 suite and its various components, presented by HP’s Jason Ghassan. There is also a demonstration video of LoadRunner 11 recorded by Planit’s Mike Norris.

Top 3 enhancements to HP ALM '11

Top 3 new features of Functional Testing '11

Top 3 new feature of Load Runner 11

Top 5 reasons you should upgrade to ALM '11

LoadRunner 11 Demo: Recording an AJAX TrueClient script

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