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  • The Wellington City Council (WCC) wanted to deliver quality outcomes without breaking the bank. Find out how Planit’s fast and flexible resources helped WCC achieve this goal.

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INSIGHTS / Case Studies

Wellington City Council Case Study - Thought Leadership and Experience

 16 Apr 2019 
Wellington City Council Case Study - Thought Leadership and Experience Wellington City Council Case Study - Thought Leadership and Experience
Wellington City Council Case Study - Thought Leadership and Experience
INSIGHTS / Case Studies

Wellington City Council Case Study - Thought Leadership and Experience

 16 Apr 2019 

How Wellington City Council used our solutions and expertise to increase the maturity of their testing and delivery, leading to improved quality and efficiency of deliverables.


Wellington is New Zealand's capital city and the home of the nation’s government. The local authority is the Wellington City Council (WCC).

Whether it is through WCC’s website or FIXiT app, the Wellington public is able to have their say and contribute to the council’s decisions from their preferred digital device and platform.


Greg Russell, Product Manager for Enterprise Applications, sought to embed managed quality assurance at WCC. To that end, he conducted a market procurement assessment with several external providers.

“The role included test execution, managed test services, tools and processes to support quality assurance. The primary selector, or the key metrics we used to measure the applicants, included the ability to respond rapidly and the flexibility of resources.”

“Planit, together with their no worry financial fixed price approach, came in strongest against these criteria.

Quality outcomes

“Planit’s flexible testing solution enables us to access the full breadth of their testing expertise on demand. Planit’s truly needs-driven solution is extremely valuable, enabling us to draw upon the thought leadership and experience of Planit’s senior consultants and management team."

Gregory Russell
Product Manager - Enterprise Applications, Wellington City Council

“The Planit team are proactive and work with me to plot our journey together. The results of this highly valued partnership include:

  • An uplift in the quality and efficiency of deliverables – There are significant cost savings derived by minimising rework and task repetition.
  • An increase in positive feedback from business users and internal stakeholders – Our internal stakeholders were happy that they are more effective and faster in delivering to their customers.
  • We have become an Agile shop – Working through an iterative process, we deliver smaller solutions to enable feedback from our stakeholders and derive maximum benefits for stakeholders, end users and customers.
  • The maturity of our testing and delivery has increased considerably since engaging Planit.

Our return on investment appears to be excellent. This is due to the above, as well as the following additional benefits:

  • More accurate and effective delivery because of increased visibility of possible risks through Planit’s testing.
  • Collaborative working across teams made possible by adopting an iterative Agile approach.
  • Increased community engagement through an enhanced user experience as reported by all stakeholders and customers.
  • Cost savings made possible through Planit’s high quality managed service as we can address problems early before they become highly expensive to fix.
  • Improved our delivery and optimised our app quality by implementing test automation.
  • Business value derived from Planit’s proactive thought leadership and knowledge transfer.
  • Constantly finding new ways to add value through their commitment to continuous improvement. For example, Agile and iterative processes are now embedded in our organisation thanks to Planit.
  • Planit’s proactive and team-focused approach results in a surprise-free and stress-free engagement. Their breadth of expertise, managed services approach, and delivery with no unexpected costs all contribute to the valued relationship we have with Planit.

 An easy recommendation

“I am happy to highlight Planit’s key strengths to recommend them to others, especially to anyone looking for a managed service in quality assurance. They provided us with capability and responsive support for project delivery as we needed it.

“Since Planit inducted all of their staff on WCC’s business and strategic goals, the time spent on upskilling people was effectively reduced. Their efforts also raised awareness about the importance of testing throughout WCC.”

Gregory Russell
Product Manager - Enterprise Applications
Wellington City Council
Wellington, New Zealand

Key Outcomes:
  • Uplift in quality and efficiency.
  • Reduced rework and task repetition.
  • Increased maturity of testing and delivery.
  • More accurate and effective delivery from increased visibility of possible risks.
  • Agile approach increased collaboration.
  • Improved user experience reflected in community feedback and engagement.
  • Cost savings from fixing defects early.
  • Improved delivery and app quality from test automation.

  • Testing & QA
  • Test Automation
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Business Agility
  • Testing Tools
  • Managed Service
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