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Mitigating Risks and Ensuring High Performance of Web Apps

 7 Aug 2014 
INSIGHTS / Articles

Mitigating Risks and Ensuring High Performance of Web Apps

 7 Aug 2014 

Performance is absolutely critical for web apps with:

  • 37% of shoppers going elsewhere if the mobile site or app fails to load in 3 seconds
  • 29% of shoppers likely to complain on social media about a poor online shopping experience
  • 36% of shoppers using more than one device

Alex Edwards, our Director of Technical Testing, recently had the opportunity to present the value of performance for web apps at the Australian CIO Summit 2014, outlining how cloud-based performance testing, service virtualisation and application monitoring can be leveraged to mitigate these risks and ensure high performance. The presentation is embedded below.

Need for Speed

Securing a solid strategy to mitigate risks and ensure high performance of web applications

Speed as a Key Asset

At Planit, we can help you make performance an asset, not a liability. Our expert consultants can provide testing, assessments and advice to mitigate performance risks and achieve peak results.
Find out how we can help you navigate these challenges, achieve your performance goals, and deliver a rapid, responsive, and reliable experience that delights your customers.


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