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INSIGHTS / Employee Stories

Life at Planit: Kaisara’s People-First Workplace

 18 Jan 2019 
INSIGHTS / Employee Stories

Life at Planit: Kaisara’s People-First Workplace

 18 Jan 2019 

Kaisara“I was really impressed with Planit’s testing knowledge, professionalism and passion. It really left a lasting impression on me and I found myself thinking that ‘I want in.’”

Kaisara, Test Engineer, Planit

Kaisara spent a large part of his career working for Inland Revenue (IR), the public service department in Wellington that advises the New Zealand government on taxes and payments for social support programmes. He spent 13 years at IR in various roles, which gave him plenty of time to explore his interest in technology.

“I realised this area was constantly changing and that the future would be consumed with endless sources of technology,” Kaisara says. “It made me want to learn more and be a part of the advancements within this area, as well as increase my knowledge of the testing industry.”

Six years into his time at IR, Kaisara moved into testing. He spent the next seven years working as a Test Analyst, often together with managers, consultants and test analysts that had been dispatched from Planit.

“I was really impressed with their testing knowledge, professionalism and passion,” Kaisara said. “It really left a lasting impression on me and I found myself thinking that ‘I want in.’”

That was five years ago. Kaisara acted upon this urge and joined Planit’s Wellington office, where he is now a Test Engineer.

“I've been fortunate to be involved in a few large projects for various organisations, which often consisted of an overhaul of their technology and significant changes to the way they run their business,” he says. “Being able to contribute to the successful implementation of their systems has been very rewarding.”

In his time with Planit, Kaisara has been impressed by the company’s focus around its people. This is demonstrated in the various initiatives that help career development and progression, such as access to industry-leading courses and qualifications that can be done in-house.

“There is a Maori proverb that goes, ‘he aha te mea nui o te ao, he tangata he tangata, he tangata,’” Kaisara says. “This translates to ‘what is the most important thing in the world, it is the people, it is the people, it is the people’, which I feel sums up well the people-first mentality at Planit.”

Then there are the various opportunities to engage with like-minded individuals through monthly forums, seminars, buddy systems, and more.

“Planit's investment in its people is to be commended,” Kaisara says. “It's up to us to make the most of what they’re offering to take our skills to the next level.”

The positive workplace environment has led Kaisara to participate in some activities outside of work. In his second year at Planit, he undertook the 6.5km Wellington Round the Bays fun run with several of his colleagues.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and I achieved my goal of running non-stop till the end, even though I was kind of slow and even the walkers passed me by!” Kaisara says. “Later on, we did a 10km mud run which I absolutely loved.”

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