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Industry Stats: Planit Index 2013 Respondent Breakdown

 1 Nov 2013 
INSIGHTS / Reports

Industry Stats: Planit Index 2013 Respondent Breakdown

 1 Nov 2013 

For years, the Planit Testing Index has been the leading survey of local software projects, garnering an unrivalled level of industry participation from across Australia and New Zealand.

Drawing on seven years of detailed historic data, the Index provides key insights into industry trends, acting as a solid foundation for strategic planning, budgeting and execution of quality assurance activities.

A significant increase in participation was registered in the latest survey, reaching a new milestone of 303 respondents – up 34 percent from 2012.

Planit Testing Index 2013: 303 Survey Respondents

The 2013 Index attracted participants from a wide cross-section of industries. As in previous years, those industries best represented were financial services (29 percent), software development (18 percent) and government (18 percent).

In terms of sheer numbers, several other industries were better represented in 2013. These include telecommunications, health, education, resource and utilities.

Planit Testing Index 2013: Respondents by Region

The 2013 Planit Testing Index provides a comprehensive representation of the full spectrum of Australasian software projects across industry sectors, organisational sizes and the region.

There were a few significant shifts in the geographic breakdown of respondents in comparison to the 2012 survey. Most notable was the rise in New Zealand respondents, registering an increase of 44 responses (up 220 percent).

Planit Testing Index 2013: Respondents by Organisation Size


Relatively minor changes were registered in the breakdown of respondents by organisation size, the biggest shifts coming among 100 – 499 staff companies and 2,000+ staff companies, decreasing and increasing by 5 percent respectively.

For the first time, there was over 50 respondents for each category of organisational size represented in the 2013 Index.

Planit Testing Index 2013: Respondents by Industry

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