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Why Only Ten Smartphone Apps See Heavy Use

 16 Apr 2018 
INSIGHTS / Articles

Why Only Ten Smartphone Apps See Heavy Use

 16 Apr 2018 

Although there are over two million apps on Android and Apple App Stores, research suggests that very few are used regularly by smartphone owners. For many, 10 apps a day or 30 apps on a monthly basis tends to be the limit.

Why Only Ten Smartphone Apps See Heavy Use

The rest of the apps are used infrequently or not at all, indicating that app developers are facing an uphill struggle to have their software end up on users’ smartphones. The Apps market has now matured, so users typically gravitate towards the apps they find robust and reliable, and then stick with them to support their daily lives.

With smartphone having been on the market for over a decade, there are also fewer truly innovative apps coming out nowadays to capture their attention. So when you think about it, it is no surprise that today’s smartphone users have a limit to the apps they interact with, and stick with the ones they know and like.   

Facebook (81%), YouTube (71%), Facebook Messenger (68%), Google Search (61%), and Google Maps (57%) are the most popular smartphone apps. Since most of these types of apps can be traced back to companies such as Facebook and Google, it seems that current app usage is dominated by a handful of companies.

When one looks at the apps Millennials use, the results are slightly different with Amazon (35%) coming on top. Gmail (30%), Facebook (29%), Facebook Messenger (18%) and YouTube (16%) follow, once again highlighting the dominance of Facebook and Google with people of the age 18-34.

It’s no coincidence that the powerhouses of communication and social media are also some of the most powerful and largest organisations on the planet. The investment they have made in their products, which have driven innovative ways to engage their customers, have made it very difficult for anyone without the necessary resources and know-how to break into this space.

Even so, there is always a time and a place for any new apps that are useful and well designed. It’s true that an app developer may be competing against a native app already on the phone or a dozen alternatives on the App Store, but a good app is a good app, and it always has the potential to cut through the noise in the marketplace and make a name for itself.

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